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2019. Blackburn, David C, Gonwouo, Legrand N, Ernst, Raffael, Rödel, Mark-Oliver, and Blackburn, David C. We describe a new species of squeaker frog (Arthroleptis) from Mt. Manengouba in southwestern Cameroon. The new species is distinguished from other... Breviora. University of Kansas.
2019. Geladi, Ilke, De León, Luis Fernando, Torchin, Mark, Hendry, Andrew, Gonzalez, Rigoberto, and Sharpe, Diana. Human activities are dramatically altering ecosystems worldwide, often resulting in shifts in selection regimes. In response, natural populations s... Evolutionary Applications.
2019. Smith, Martin R., Harvey, Thomas H. P., and Butterfield, Nicholas J. The stem-group priapulid Ottoia Walcott, 1911, is the most abundant worm in the mid-Cambrian Burgess Shale, but has not been unambiguously demonstr... Palaeontology. University of Cambridge and University of Leicester.
2019. Chacón, Isidro A., Janzen, Daniel H., Hallwachs, Winnie, Dapkey, Tanya, Harvey, Donald J., and Grishin, Nick V. The genus Xylodonta Becker (Notodontidae, Nystaleinae) is reviewed for Costa Rica based on 1,571 reared and wild-collected specimens. Eleven specie... Tropical Lepidoptera Research.
2019. Hiller, Alexandra, Williams, Jason D., and Boyko, Christopher B. Rhizocephalans of the order Akentrogonida are parasitic barnacles that infest decapods, stomatopods, peracarids, and other cirripedes. Within this ... Journal of Crustacean Biology.
2019. Cole, Selina R., Ausich, William I., Wright, David F., and Koniecki, Joseph M. The Upper Ordovician (lower Katian) Bobcaygeon and Verulam formations from the Lake Simcoe region of Ontario contain a highly diverse echinoderm as... Journal of Paleontology.
2019. DiDomenico, Angela and Hedin, Marshal. The western United States is home to numerous narrowly endemic harvestman taxa (Arachnida, Opiliones), including members of the genus Sitalcina Ban... ZooKeys. San Diego State University.
2019. Pfister, Catherine A., Berry, Helen D., and Mumford, Thomas. 1.The dynamics of foundation species in ecosystems are key to the fate of many species. Kelp forests are foundation species in temperate ocean ecos... Journal of Ecology. University of Chicago.
2019. Kuntner, Matjaz, Hamilton, Chris, Cheng, Ren-Chung, Gregoric, Matjaz, Lupse, Nik, Lokovsek, Tjasa, Lemmon, Emily M., Lemmon, Alan R., Agnarsson, Ingi, Coddington, Jonathan A., Bond, Jason, Coddington, Jonathan A, Hamilton, Chris A, Lemmon, Emily Moriarty, Bond, Jason E, and Lemmon, Alan R. Instances of sexual size dimorphism (SSD) provide the context for rigorous tests of biological rules of size evolution, such as Cope’s Rule (phylet... Systematic Biology. Smithsonian Institution, National Institute of Biology, Hubei University, National Chung Hsing University, Charles University, University of Vermont, University of Idaho, Florida State University, and University of California, Davis.