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2019. Thorn, Michael W. and Morbey, Yolanda E. Offspring traits are greatly influenced by maternal effects and these maternal effects may provide an important pathway through which populations c... Evolutionary Applications. Western University.
2019. Ouédraogo, Dakis-Yaoba, Doucet, Jean-Louis, Daïnou, Kasso, Baya, Fidèle, Biwolé, Achille Bernard, Bourland, Nils, Fétéké, Fousséni, Gillet, Jean-François, Kouadio, Yao Lambert, and Fayolle, Adeline. Size at reproduction is a key aspect of species life history that has been little explored for long-lived tropical trees. In this study, we aimed t... Biotropica. University of Liège, University of Douala, and Royal Museum for Central Africa.
2019. Darmency, Henri, Menchari, Yosra, Le Corre, Valérie, and Délye, Christophe. This paper investigates the possible existence of mechanisms counterbalancing the negative pleiotropic effects on development and reproduction that... Evolution. French National Institute for Agricultural Research.
2019. Burgar, Joanna M., Murray, Daithi C., Craig, Michael D., Haile, James, Houston, Jayne, Stokes, Vicki, and Bunce, Michael. Effective management and conservation of biodiversity requires understanding of predator–prey relationships to ensure the continued existence of bo... Molecular Ecology. Murdoch University and University of Western Australia.
2019. Suárez-Rodríguez, Monserrat and Macías Garcia, Constantino. Adaptation to human-modified environments such as cities is poised to be a major component of natural history in the foreseeable future. Birds have... Journal of Evolutionary Biology. National Autonomous University of Mexico.
2019. Adhikari, Bishwo N., Hamilton, John P., Zerillo, Marcelo M., Tisserat, Ned, Lévesque, C. André, and Buell, C. Robin. The kingdom Stramenopile includes diatoms, brown algae, and oomycetes. Plant pathogenic oomycetes, including Phytophthora, Pythium and downy mildew... PLoS ONE. Michigan State University, Colorado State University, and Carleton University.