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2019. Betancur-R., Ricardo, Roa-Varon, Adela, Holcroft, Nancy I., Borden, W. Calvin, Grande, Terry, Carpenter, Kent, Sanciangco, Millicent, Li, Chenhong, Arcila, Dahiana, Ballesteros, Jesus A, Ortí, Guillermo, López, J. Andrés, Campbell, Matthew A., Wiley, Edward O., Arratia, Gloria, Lu, Guoqing, Willis, Stuart, Broughton, Richard E., Cureton II, James C, Zhang, Feifei, and Hough, Daniel J. The tree of life of fishes is in a state of flux because we still lack a comprehensive phylogeny that includes all major groups. The situation is m... PLOS Currents. George Washington University, Johnson County Community College, Loyola University Chicago, Old Dominion University, Shanghai Ocean University, University of Alaska Fairbanks, University of Kansas, University of Nebraska at Omaha, University of Nebraska - Lincoln, and University of Oklahoma.