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2019. Hinchliff, Cody E., Smith, Stephen A., Allman, James F., Burleigh, J. Gordon, Chaudhary, Ruchi, Coghill, Lyndon M., Crandall, Keith A., Deng, Jiabin, Drew, Bryan T., Gazis, Romina, Gude, Karl, Hibbett, David S., Katz, Laura A., Laughinghouse IV, H. Dail, McTavish, Emily Jane, Midford, Peter E., Owen, Christopher L., Ree, Richard H., Rees, Jonathan A., Soltis, Douglas E., Williams, Tiffani, and Cranston, Karen Ann. Reconstructing the phylogenetic relationships that unite all lineages (the tree of life) is a grand challenge. The paucity of homologous character ... Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.