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2019. Chouteau, Mathieu and Angers, Bernard. Selective predation of aposematic signals is expected to promote phenotypic uniformity. But while uniform within a population, numerous species dis... The American Naturalist. University of Montreal.
2019. Zeller, Michael and Koella, Jacob Conrad. Defense against parasites can be divided into resistance, which limits parasite burden, and tolerance, which reduces pathogenesis at a given parasi... The American Naturalist.
2019. Pollock, Laura J., Bayly, Michael J., and Vesk, Peter A. Introgressive hybridization is increasingly recognized as having influenced the gene pools of large genera of plants, yet it is rarely invoked as a... The American Naturalist.
2019. Broquet, Thomas, Barranger, Audrey, Billard, Emmanuelle, Bestin, Anastasia, Berger, Rémy, Honnaert, Gaelle, and Viard, Frédérique. Sequential hermaphroditism is adaptive when the reproductive value of an individual varies with size or age, and this relationship differs between ... The American Naturalist.
2019. Kasumovic, Michael M. and Jordan, Lyndon A. Both ecological and social factors play an important role in determining the structure of animal settlement patterns. While the ecological factors ... The American Naturalist.
2019. Kingsolver, Joel G., Hoekstra, Hopi E., Hoekstra, Jon M., Berrigan, David, Vignieri, Sacha N., Hill, Chris E., Hoang, Anhthu, Gibert, Patricia, and Beerli, Peter. How strong is phenotypic selection on quantitative traits in the wild? We reviewed the literature from 1984 through 1997 for studies that estimated... The American Naturalist.
2019. Butler, Michael W., Stahlschmidt, Zachary R., Ardia, Daniel R., Davies, Scott, Davis, Jonathan, Guillette Jr., Louis J., Johnson, Nicholas, McCormick, Stephen D., McGraw, Kevin J., and DeNardo, Dale F. Animal body temperature (T_body) varies over daily and annual cycles, affecting multiple aspects of biological performance in both endothermic and ... The American Naturalist.
2019. Darnell, Michael Zachary and Munguia, Pablo. Fiddler crabs are highly sexually-dimorphic. Males possess one small (minor) feeding claw and one greatly enlarged (major) claw; females possess tw... The American Naturalist.
2019. Li, Teng, Zhao, Bo, Zhou, Yong-Kang, Hu, Rui, and Du, Wei-Guo. Recent studies have demonstrated that thermoregulatory behavior occurs not only in post-hatching turtles, but also prior to hatching. Does thermore... The American Naturalist.
2019. Penacchio, Olivier, Lovell, Paul George, Cuthill, Innes C., Ruxton, Graeme Douglas, and Harris, Julie M. Many animals have a gradation of body color, termed “countershading,” where the areas that are typically exposed to more light are darker. One hypo... The American Naturalist.