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2019. Passy, Sophia I. The hollow-shaped species abundance distribution (SAD) and its allied rank abundance distribution (RAD)—showing that abundance is unevenly distribu... The American Naturalist.
2019. Lowry, David Bryant, Behrman, Katherine D., Grabowski, Paul, Morris, Geoffrey P., Kiniry, James R., and Juenger, Thomas E. Determining the patterns and mechanisms of natural selection in the wild is of fundamental importance to understanding the differentiation of popul... The American Naturalist.
2019. Meyer, Katrin M., Soldaat, Leo L., Auge, Harald, and Thulke, Hans-Hermann. Behaviour is traditionally attributed to animals only. Recently, evidence for plant behaviour is accumulating, mostly from plant physiological stud... The American Naturalist.
2019. Dalla Benetta, Elena, Beukeboom, Leo W., and van de Zande, Louis. Day length (photoperiod) and temperature oscillate daily and seasonally and are important cues for season-dependent behaviour. Larval diapause of t... The American Naturalist.
2019. Heath, Jeremy J., Abbot, Patrick, and Stireman, John O. Most studies of adaptive radiation in animals focus on resource competition as the primary driver of trait divergence. The roles of other ecologica... The American Naturalist.
2019. Setiadi, Mohammad Iqbal, McGuire, Jimmy A, Brown, Rafe M, Zubairi, Mohammad, Iskandar, Djoko T, Andayani, Noviar, Supriatna, Jatna, and Evans, Ben J. Because island communities are derived from the mainland, they are often less diverse by comparison. However, reduced complexity of island communi... The American Naturalist.
2019. Bowers, Emerson Keith, Sakaluk, Scott K., and Thompson, Charles F. Increased variance in the reproductive success of males relative to females favors mothers that optimally allocate sons and daughters to maximize t... The American Naturalist.
2019. Martin, Thomas E., Oteyza, Juan C., Boyce, Andrew J., Lloyd, Penn, and Ton, Riccardo. Parental behavior and effort vary extensively among species. Life history theory suggests that age-specific mortality could cause this interspecif... The American Naturalist.
2019. Kiat, Yosef and Sapir, Nir. Time constraints influence various ecological, life-history, and demographic properties of individuals and populations of many species throughout t... The American Naturalist.
2019. Vedder, Oscar, Zhang, He, Dänhardt, Andreas, and Bouwhuis, Sandra. Earlier offspring mortality prior to independence saves resources for kin, which should be more beneficial when food is short. Using 24 years of da... The American Naturalist.