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1. Data from: Bioinvasion triggers rapid evolution of life-histories in freshwater snails

2019. Chapuis, Elodie, Lamy, Thomas, Pointier, Jean-Pierre, Juillet, Nicolas, Segard, Adeline, Jarne, Philippe, and David, Patrice. Biological invasions offer interesting situations to observe how novel interactions between closely related, formerly allopatric species may trigge... The American Naturalist.

2. Data from: Disentangling genetic and prenatal maternal effects on offspring size and survival

2019. Pick, Joel L., Ebneter, Christina, Hutter, Pascale, and Tschirren, Barbara. Organizational processes during prenatal development can have long-term effects on an individual’s phenotype. Because these early developmental sta... The American Naturalist.

3. Data from: Population density, not host competence, drives patterns of disease in an invaded community

2019. Searle, Catherine L., Cortez, Michael H., Hunsberger, Katherine K., Grippi, Dylan C., Oleksy, Isabella A., Shaw, Clara L., de la Serna, Solanus B., Lash, Chloe L., Dhir, Kailash L., and Duffy, Meghan A. Generalist parasites can strongly influence interactions between native and invasive species. Host competence can be used to predict how an invasiv... The American Naturalist.

4. Data from: A Bayesian approach to social structure uncovers cryptic regulation of group dynamics in Drosophila melanogaster

2019. Foley, Brad, Saltz, Julia B., Nuzhdin, Sergey V., and Marjoram, Paul. Understanding the mechanisms that give rise to social structure is central to predicting the evolutionary and ecological outcomes of social interac... The American Naturalist.

5. Data from: A breath of fresh air in the foraging theory: the importance of wind for food size selection in a central place forager

2019. Alma, Andrea Marina, Farji-Brener, Alejandro Gustavo, and Elizalde, Luciana. Empirical data about food size carried by central place foragers does not often fit with the optimum predicted by classical foraging theory. Tradit... The American Naturalist.

6. Data from: A conceptual framework for clutch size evolution in songbirds

2019. Martin, Thomas E. Causes of evolved differences in clutch size among songbird species remain debated. I propose a new conceptual framework that integrates aspects of... The American Naturalist.

7. Data from: A dynamic state model of migratory behavior and physiology to assess the consequences of environmental variation and anthropogenic disturbance on marine vertebrates

2019. Pirotta, Enrico, Mangel, Marc, Costa, Daniel P., Mate, Bruce, Goldbogen, Jeremy A., Palacios, Daniel M., Huckstadt, Luis A., McHuron, Elizabeth A., Schwarz, Lisa, and New, Leslie. Integrating behavior and physiology is critical to formulating new hypotheses on the evolution of animal life-history strategies. Migratory capital... The American Naturalist.

8. Data from: A few meters matter: local habitats drive reproductive cycles in a tropical lizard

2019. Otero, Luisa Matilde, Huey, Raymond B., and Gorman, George C. Reproductive phenology often varies geographically within species, driven by environmental gradients that alter growth and reproduction. However, e... The American Naturalist.

9. Data from: A field experiment demonstrating plant life-history evolution and its eco-evolutionary feedback to seed predator populations

2019. Agrawal, Anurag A., Johnson, Marc T. J., Hastings, Amy P., and Maron, John L. The extent to which evolutionary change occurs in a predictable manner under field conditions and how evolutionary changes feed back to influence e... The American Naturalist.

10. Data from: A framework for elucidating the temperature dependence of fitness

2019. Amarasekare, Priyanga and Savage, Van. Climate warming is predicted to cause large-scale extinctions of ectothermic species. A striking difference between tropical and temperate ectother... The American Naturalist. University of California Los Angeles.