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2019. Havill, Nathan P., Shiyake, Shigehiko, Lamb Galloway, Ashley, Foottit, Robert G., Yu, Guoyue, Paradis, Annnie, Elkinton, Joseph, Montgomery, Michael E., Sano, Masakazu, Caccone, Adalgisa, and Paradis, Annie. Hemlock woolly adelgid, Adelges tsugae, is an invasive pest of hemlock trees (Tsuga) in eastern North America. We used 14 microsatellites and mitoc... Molecular Ecology. United States Department of Agriculture, Osaka Museum of Natural History, Virginia Tech, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Hokkaido University, and Yale University.
2019. Semenov, Georgy A., Scordato, Elizabeth S.C., Khaydarov, David R., Smith, Chris C.R., Kane, Nolan C., Safran, Rebecca J., and Scordato, Elizabeth S. C. Phenotypic differentiation plays an important role in the formation and maintenance of reproductive barriers. In some cases, variation in a few key... Molecular Ecology. University of Arizona, Institute of Systematics and Ecology of Animals, and University of Colorado Boulder.
2019. Crawford, Lindsay A., Koscinski, Daria, and Keyghobadi, Nusha. Despite much discussion of the importance of quantifying and reporting genotyping error in molecular studies, it is still not standard practice in ... Molecular Ecology. Western University.
2019. Kozak, Genevieve M., Wadsworth, Crista B., Kahne, Shoshanna C., Bogdanowicz, Steven M., Harrison, Richard G., Coates, Brad S., and Dopman, Erik B. Chromosomal rearrangements between sympatric species often contain multiple loci contributing to assortative mating, local adaptation, and hybrid s... Molecular Ecology. Tufts University, Cornell University, and Iowa State University.
2019. Emerson, Brent C., Casquet, Juliane, López, Heriberto, Cardoso, Pedro, Borges, Paulo A. V., Mollaret, Noémy, Oromí, Pedro, Strasberg, Dominique, and Thébaud, Christophe. Obtaining fundamental biodiversity metrics such as alpha, beta and gamma diversity for arthropods is often complicated by a lack of prior taxonomic... Molecular Ecology. University of East Anglia, French National Centre for Scientific Research, University of Helsinki, and University of La Laguna.
2019. Jørgensen, Tina, Haile, James, Möller, Per, Andreev, Andrei, Boessenkool, Sanne, Rasmussen, Morten, Kienast, Frank, Coissac, Eric, Taberlet, Pierre, Brochmann, Christian, Bigelow, Nancy H., Andersen, Kenneth, Orlando, Ludovic, Gilbert, M. Thomas P., and Willerslev, Eske. Although ancient DNA from sediments (sedaDNA) has been used to investigate past ecosystems, the approach has never been directly compared to the tr... Molecular Ecology.
2019. Irwin, Darren E., Milá, Borja, Toews, David P. L., Brelsford, Alan, Kenyon, Haley L., Porter, Alison N., Grossen, Christine, Delmore, Kira E., Alcaide, Miguel, and Irwin, Jessica H. Detailed evaluations of genomic variation between sister species often reveal distinct chromosomal regions of high relative differentiation (i.e., ... Molecular Ecology. University of British Columbia, Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, Cornell University, University of California System, Queen's University, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology, and Simon Fraser University.
2019. Hammerly, Susan C., Morrow, Michael E., and Johnson, Jeff A. The primary goal of captive breeding programs for endangered species is to prevent extinction, a component of which includes the preservation of ge... Molecular Ecology. University of North Texas and United States Fish and Wildlife Service.
2019. Wang, Jinliang. In molecular ecology and conservation genetics studies, the important parameter of effective population size (Ne) is increasingly estimated from a ... Molecular Ecology. Zoological Society of London.
2019. Holsbeek, Griet, Mergeay, Joachim, Hotz, Hansjürg, Plötner, Jörg, Volckaert, Filip A M, and De Meester, Luc. In western Europe many pond owners introduce amphibians for ornamental purposes. Although indigenous amphibians are legally protected in most Europ... Molecular Ecology.