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2019. Williams, Caroline M., Chick, Wesley D., and Sinclair, Brent J. The physiological and ecological impact of the thermal environment across life-stages can result in trade-offs that determine fitness and populatio... Functional Ecology. University of California System and Western University.
2019. Haber, Ariela I., Sims, James W., Mescher, Mark C., De Moraes, Consuelo M., and Carr, David E. 1) Floral odors play an important role in attracting insect pollinators. Because pollinators visit flowers to obtain pollen and nectar rewards, the... Functional Ecology. University of Virginia.
2019. Matsushita, Michinari, Takata, Katsuhiko, Hitsuma, Gaku, Yagihashi, Tsutomu, Noguchi, Mahoko, Shibata, Mitsue, and Masaki, Takashi. 1.One of the major problems in understanding growth trends in long-lived trees is the difficulty of separately quantifying the effects of tree size... Functional Ecology. Akita Prefectural University and Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute.
2019. Bråthen, Kari Anne and Lortie, Christopher. Facilitating effects of benefactor plants on plant species richness have been commonly tested in stressful habitats because competitive effects are... Functional Ecology. York University.
2019. Logan, Michael L., Fernandez, Sarah G., and Calsbeek, Ryan. Many tropical ectotherms are considered vulnerable to anthropogenic climate change because they have evolved to become thermal specialists. Indeed,... Functional Ecology.
2019. Mahmud, Muayad A., Bradley, Jannette E., MacColl, Andrew D. C., and Bradley, Janette E. 1.Parasite virulence varies greatly. Theory predicts that this arises from parasites optimising a trade-off between the mortality they inflict on c... Functional Ecology. University of Nottingham.
2019. Jeanniard-du-Dot, Tiphaine, Guinet, Christophe, Arnould, John P. Y., Speakman, John R., Trites, Andrew W., and Arnould, John P.Y. Energy expenditure is an important component of foraging ecology, but is extremely difficult to estimate in free-ranging animals and depends on how... Functional Ecology. University of British Columbia and Deakin University.
2019. Rinne, Katja T., Rajala, Tiina, Peltoniemi, Krista, Chen, Janet, Smolander, Aino, and Mäkipää, Raisa. Microbial respiration in dead wood contributes substantially to the long-lived forest carbon (C) pool and has a significant role in the forest nitr... Functional Ecology. Natural Resources Institute Finland.
2019. Merilaita, Sami and Dimitrova, Marina. 1. Although background matching decreases prey detectability, resemblance between camouflaged prey and their visual background is seldom perfect. T... Functional Ecology. Uppsala University.
2019. Marques, Renata Vieira, Sarmento, Renato Almeida, Lemos, Felipe, Pedro-Neto, Marçal, Sabelis, Maurice W., Venzon, Madelaine, Pallini, Angelo, and Janssen, Arne. 1.Mixing of prey that differ in nutrient content or toxic compounds (dietary mixing) may allow synovigenic predatory arthropods to balance their di... Functional Ecology. Universidade Federal do Tocantins and University of Amsterdam.