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2019. McCole, Ruth B, Loughran, Noeleen B, Chahal, Mandeep, Fernandes, Luis P, Roberts, Roland G, Fraternali, Franca, O'Connell, Mary J, and Oakey, Rebecca J. Retroposition is a widespread phenomenon resulting in the generation of new genes that are initially related to a parent gene via very high coding ... Evolution.
2019. Farrington, Heather L and Petren, Ken. Populations that are connected by immigrants play an important role in evolutionary and conservation biology, yet we have little direct evidence of... Evolution.
2019. Helanterä, Heikki and d'Ettorre, Patrizia. Processing of information from the environment, such as assessing group membership in social contexts, is a major determinant of inclusive fitness.... Evolution. University of Helsinki and University of Copenhagen.
2019. Engqvist, Leif. A complete understanding of male reproductive success, and thus sexual selection, often requires an insight into male success in sperm competition.... Evolution.
2019. Weller, Cory Andrew, Wu, Martin, and Weller, Cory. Molecular evolutionary rate varies significantly among species and a strict global molecular clock has been rejected across the tree of life. Gener... Evolution. University of Virginia.
2019. Bartlett, Lewis J., Wilfert, Lena, and Boots, Mike. Genotypic trade-offs are fundamental to the understanding of the evolution of life-history traits. In particular, the evolution of optimal host def... Evolution. University of Exeter.
2019. Paaby, Annalise B., Bergland, Alan O., Behrman, Emily L., and Schmidt, Paul S. Finding the specific nucleotides that underlie adaptive variation is a major goal in evolutionary biology, but polygenic traits pose a challenge be... Evolution. University of Pennsylvania, New York University, and Stanford University.
2019. Arbour, Jessica H. and Santana, Sharlene E. Primates represent one of the most species rich, wide ranging and ecologically diverse clades of mammals. What major macroevolutionary factors have... Evolution. University of Washington.
2019. Caruso, Christina Marie, Eisen, Katherine Elizabeth, Martin, Ryan A., Sletvold, Nina, Eisen, Katherine E., and Caruso, Christina M. Floral traits are hypothesized to evolve primarily in response to selection by pollinators. However, selection can also be mediated by other envir... Evolution. Case Western Reserve University, Uppsala University, Cornell University, and University of Guelph.
2019. Adams, Dean C. Studies of evolutionary correlations commonly utilize phylogenetic regression (i.e., independent contrasts and phylogenetic generalized least squar... Evolution. Iowa State University.