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2019. Chodkowski, Nicole and Bernot, Randall J. Ecological stoichiometry uses the mass balance of elements to predict energy and elemental fluxes across different levels of ecological organizatio... Ecology and Evolution. Ball State University.
2019. Zeng, Yu, Lou, Shang Ling, Liao, Wen Bo, Jehle, Robert, and Kotrschal, Alexander. Natural selection is a major force in the evolution of vertebrate brain size, but the role of sexual selection in brain size evolution remains enig... Ecology and Evolution. China West Normal University, University of Salford, and Stockholm University.
2019. Petersen, Carola, Saebelfeld, Manja, Barbosa, Camilo, Pees, Barbara, Hermann, Ruben Joseph, Schalkowski, Rebecca, Strathmann, Eike Andreas, Dirksen, Philipp, and Schulenburg, Hinrich. The nematode Caenorhabditis elegans is a central laboratory model system in almost all biological disciplines, yet its natural life history and pop... Ecology and Evolution. Kiel University.
2019. Waraniak, Justin M., Marsh, Terence L., and Scribner, Kim T. Predator-prey relationships are important ecological interactions, affecting biotic community composition and energy flow through a system, and are... Ecology and Evolution. Michigan State University.
2019. Albaina, Aitor, Aguirre, Mikel, Abad, David, Santos, María, and Estonba, Andone. The potential of the 18S rRNA V9 metabarcoding approach for diet assessment was explored using MiSeq paired-end (PE; 2 × 150 bp) technology. To cri... Ecology and Evolution. University of the Basque Country.
2019. Scherber, Christoph, Andert, Hagen, Niedringhaus, Rolf, and Tscharntke, Teja. Predictions of species richness by island area are a classical cornerstone in ecology, while the specific features of barrier islands have been lit... Ecology and Evolution. Institute of Landscape Ecology, University of Münster, University of Göttingen, and Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg.
2019. Rennstam Rubbmark, Oskar, Sint, Daniela, Horngacher, Nina, and Traugott, Michael. The nucleotide variation in the cytochrome c oxidase subunit I (COI) gene makes it ideal for assigning sequences to species. However, this variabil... Ecology and Evolution. University of Innsbruck.
2019. Baasch, David M., Hefley, Trevor J., and Cahis, Staci D. For many species, breeding population size is an important metric for assessing population status. A variety of simple methods are often used to es... Ecology and Evolution.
2019. Patterson, Allison, Gilchrist, H. G., Chivers, Lorraine, Hatch, Scott, and Elliott, Kyle. The behavior of many wild animals remains a mystery, as it is difficult to quantify behaviour of species that cannot be easily followed throughout ... Ecology and Evolution.
2019. Baden, Andrea L. Nest site selection is at once fundamental to reproduction and a poorly understood component of many organisms’ reproductive investment. This study... Ecology and Evolution. Queens College, CUNY and City University of New York.