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2019. Novotny, Vojtech, Miller, Scott E., Hrcek, Jan, Baje, Leontine, Basset, Yves, Lewis, Owen T., Stewart, Alan J. A., and Weiblen, George D. Classical niche theory explains the coexistence of species through their exploitation of different resources. Assemblages of herbivores coexisting ... The American Naturalist. University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice, Smithsonian Institution, New Guinea Binatang Research Center, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, University of Oxford, University of Sussex, and University of Minnesota.
2019. Evans, Simon Robin, Sheldon, Ben C., and Evans, Simon R. The information content of signals, such as animal coloration, depends on the extent to which variation reflects underlying biological processes. A... The American Naturalist. University of Oxford.
2019. Verbruggen, Erik, El Mouden, Claire, Jansa, Jan, Akkermans, Geert, Bücking, Heike, West, Stuart A., and Kiers, E. Toby. Explaining mutualistic cooperation between species remains a major challenge for evolutionary biology. Why cooperate if defection potentially reaps... The American Naturalist. VU University Amsterdam, University of Oxford, and South Dakota State University.