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2019. Smith, Mireya, Jolles, Anna E., Corstjens, Paul L. A. M., Beechler, Brianna R., van Dam, Govert J., Spaan, Robert S., Budischak, Sarah A., Steinauer, Michelle L., and Ezenwa, Vanessa O. Schistosomes are trematode parasites of global importance, causing infections in millions of people, livestock, and wildlife. Most studies on schis... PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases. University of Georgia, Oregon State University, Leiden University Medical Center, and Western University of Health Sciences.
2019. Budischak, Sarah A., Hoberg, Eric P., Abrams, Art, Jolles, Anna E., and Ezenwa, Vanessa O. Most hosts are concurrently or sequentially infected with multiple parasites; thus, fully understanding interactions between individual parasite sp... Molecular Ecology Resources. University of Georgia, United States Department of Agriculture, and Oregon State University.
2019. Thornhill, Daniel J., Rotjan, Randi D., Todd, Brian D., Chilcoat, Geoff C., Iglesias-Prieto, Roberto, LaJeunesse, Todd C., Kemp, Dustin W., Reynolds, Jennifer McCabe, Schmidt, Gregory W., Shannon, Thomas, Warner, Mark E., and Fitt, William K. Increased sea-surface temperatures linked to warming climate threaten coral reef ecosystems globally. To better understand how corals and their end... PLoS ONE. New England Aquarium, University of California, Davis, University of Georgia, Pennsylvania State University, Tulane University, and University of Delaware.
2019. Baker, Susan C., Halpern, Charles B., Wardlaw, Timothy J., Kern, Christel, Edgar, Graham J., Thomson, Russell J., Bigley, Richard E., Franklin, Jerry F., Gandhi, Kamal J.K., Gustafsson, Lena, Johnson, Samuel, Palik, Brian J., Spies, Thomas A., Steel, E. Ashley, Weslien, Jan, Strengbom, Joachim, and Gandhi, Kamal J. K. Timber harvest can adversely affect forest biota. Recent research and application suggest that retention of mature forest elements (‘retention fore... Ecological Applications. University of Tasmania, University of Washington, United States Department of Agriculture, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Forestry Research Institute of Sweden, and University of Georgia.
2019. Zahawi, Rakan A., Oviedo-Brenes, Federico, and Peterson, Chris J. Habitat loss and fragmentation are among the biggest threats to tropical biodiversity and associated ecosystem services. We examined forest dynamic... PLOS ONE. University of Georgia.
2019. Pieper, Kathleen E., Unckless, Robert L., and Dyer, Kelly A. Selfish genetic elements that manipulate gametogenesis to achieve a transmission advantage are known as meiotic drivers. Sex-ratio X-chromosomes (S... Molecular Ecology. University of Georgia and University of Kansas.
2019. Crawford, Nicholas G., Parham, James F., Sellas, Anna B., Faircloth, Brant C., Glenn, Travis C., Papefuss, Theodore J., Henderson, James B., Hansen, Madison H., Simison, W. Brian, and Papenfuss, Theodore J. Molecular analyses of turtle relationships have overturned prevailing morphological hypotheses and prompted the development of a new taxonomy. Here... Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. University of Pennsylvania, California Academy of Sciences, Louisiana State University, University of Georgia, and University of California System.
2019. McCormack, John E., Harvey, Michael G., Faircloth, Brant C., Crawford, Nicholas G., Glenn, Travis C., and Brumfield, Robb T. Evolutionary relationships among birds in Neoaves, the clade comprising the vast majority of avian diversity, have vexed systematists due to the an... PLoS ONE. Louisiana State University, University of California Los Angeles, Boston University, and University of Georgia.
2019. Kuester, Adam, Wilson, Ariana, Chang, Shu-mei, and Baucom, Regina S. Despite the negative economic and ecological impact of weeds, relatively little is known about the evolutionary mechanisms that influence their per... Molecular Ecology. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor and University of Georgia.
2019. Duxbury, Ashley E., Weathersby, Brandie, Sanchez, Zachary, and Moore, Patricia J. Oncopeltus fasciatus males fed the ancestral diet of milkweed seeds prioritize reproduction over lifespan as evidenced by higher rates of fertility... Ecology and Evolution. University of Georgia.