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1. Data from: A genotypic trade-off between constitutive resistance to viral infection and host growth rate

2019. Bartlett, Lewis J., Wilfert, Lena, and Boots, Mike. Genotypic trade-offs are fundamental to the understanding of the evolution of life-history traits. In particular, the evolution of optimal host def... Evolution. University of Exeter.

2. Data from: A high quality pedigree and genetic markers both reveal inbreeding depression for quality but not survival in a cooperative mammal

2019. Wells, David A., Cant, Michael A., Nichols, Hazel J., Hoffman, Joe I., and Hoffman, Joseph I. Inbreeding depression, the reduced fitness of offspring of closely related parents, is commonplace in both captive and wild populations and has imp... Molecular Ecology. Liverpool John Moores University, Bielefeld University, and University of Exeter.

3. Data from: A morphometric analysis of vegetation patterns in dryland ecosystems

2019. Mander, Luke, Dekker, Stefan C., Li, Mao, Mio, Washington, Punyasena, Surangi W., and Lenton, Timothy M. Vegetation in dryland ecosystems often forms remarkable spatial patterns. These range from regular bands of vegetation alternating with bare ground... Royal Society Open Science. Universidade Aberta, Utrecht University, Florida State University, University of Illinois System, and University of Exeter.

4. Data from: A novel approach to wildlife transcriptomics provides evidence of disease-mediated differential expression and changes to the microbiome of amphibian populations

2019. Campbell, Lewis J., Hammond, S. Austin, Price, Stephen J., Sharma, Manmohan D., Garner, Trenton W.J., Birol, Inanc, Helbing, Caren C., Wilfert, Lena, Griffiths, Amber G.F., Garner, Trenton W. J., and Hammond, Stewart A. Ranaviruses are responsible for a lethal, emerging infectious disease in amphibians and threaten their populations throughout the world. Despite th... Molecular Ecology. Zoological Society of London, University of Exeter, University College London, Canada's Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre, and University of Victoria.

5. Data from: A phylogenetically controlled meta-analysis of biologging device effects on birds: deleterious effects and a call for more standardized reporting of study data

2019. Bodey, Thomas W., Cleasby, Ian R., Bell, Fraser, Parr, Nicole, Schultz, Anthony, Votier, Stephen C., and Bearhop, Stuart. 1.The use of biologging devices continues to increase, with technological advances yielding remarkable ecological insights and generating new resea... Methods in Ecology and Evolution. University of Exeter and University of the Sunshine Coast.

6. Data from: A rapid and cost-effective quantitative microsatellite genotyping protocol to estimate intraspecific competition in protist microcosm experiments

2019. Minter, Ewan J. A., Lowe, Chris D., Brockhurst, Michael A., and Watts, Phillip C. High levels of intra-specific variation are commonly observed in natural microbial populations, yet the consequences of this variation for ecologic... Methods in Ecology and Evolution. University of Liverpool, University of York, University of Exeter, and University of Oulu.

7. Data from: A trade-off between oxidative stress resistance and DNA repair plays a role in the evolution of elevated mutation rates in bacteria

2019. Torres-Barceló, Clara, Cabot, Gabriel, Oliver, Antonio, Buckling, Angus, MacLean, R. Craig, Buckling, A., MacLean, R. C., and Torres-Barcelo, C. The dominant paradigm for the evolution of mutator alleles in bacterial populations is that they spread by indirect selection for linked beneficial... Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. University of Exeter and University of Oxford.

8. Data from: A trade-off between reproductive investment and maternal cerebellum size in a precocial bird

2019. Ebneter, Christina, Pick, Joel L., and Tschirren, Barbara. Natural selection favours increased investment in reproduction, yet considerable variation in parental investment is observed in natural population... Biology Letters. University of Zurich and University of Exeter.

9. Data from: Accounting for female space sharing in St. Kilda Soay sheep (Ovis aries) results in little change in heritability estimates

2019. Regan, Charlotte E., Pilkington, Jill G., Bérénos, Camillo, Pemberton, Josephine M., Smiseth, Per T., and Wilson, Alastair J. When estimating heritability in free-living populations, it is common practice to account for common environment effects, because of their potentia... Journal of Evolutionary Biology. University of Edinburgh and University of Exeter.

10. Data from: Adaptation of the pathogen, Pseudomonas syringae during experimental evolution on a native versus alternative host plant

2019. Meaden, Sean and Koskella, Britt. The specialization and distribution of pathogens among species has substantial impact on disease spread, especially when reservoir hosts can mainta... Molecular Ecology. University of California, Berkeley and University of Exeter.