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2019. Morrissey, Michael B., Walling, Craig A., Wilson, Alastair J., Pemberton, Josephine M., Clutton-Brock, Tim H., and Kruuk, Loeske E. B. Trade-offs among life-history traits are central to evolutionary theory. In quantitative genetic terms, trade-offs may be manifested as negative ge... The American Naturalist. University of Edinburgh and University of Cambridge.
2019. Spottiswoode, Claire N. and Stevens, Martin. Coevolutionary arms races are a powerful force driving evolution, adaptation, and diversification. They can generate phenotypic polymorphisms which... The American Naturalist. University of Cambridge and University of Cape Town.
2019. Ozgul, Arpat, Coulson, Tim, Reynolds, Alan, Cameron, Tom C., and Benton, Tim G. Environmental change continually perturbs populations from a stable state, leading to transient dynamics that can last multiple generations. Severa... The American Naturalist. University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, University of Leeds, and Umeå University.
2019. Heuvel, Joost van den, Saastamoinen, Marjo, Brakefield, Paul M., Kirkwood, Thomas B. L., Zwaan, Bas J., Shanley, Daryl P., and van den Heuvel, Joost. A predictive adaptive response (PAR) is a type of developmental plasticity where the response to an environmental cue is not immediately advantageo... The American Naturalist. University of Helsinki, Leiden University, University of Cambridge, Newcastle University, and Wageningen University & Research.