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1. Data from: Using multi-response models to investigate pathogen coinfections across scales: insights from emerging diseases of amphibians

2019. Stutz, William E., Blaustein, Andrew R., Briggs, Cheryl J., Hoverman, Jason T., Rhor, Jason R., Johnson, Pieter T. J., and Rohr, Jason R. 1.Associations among parasites affect many aspects of host-parasite dynamics, but a lack of analytical tools has limited investigations of parasite... Methods in Ecology and Evolution. University of Colorado Boulder, Oregon State University, University of California System, Purdue University, and University of South Florida.

2. Data from: A 37-year experimental study of effects of structural alterations on a shrub community in the Mojave Desert, California

2019. Mahall, Bruce E., Fonteyn, Paul J., Callaway, Ragan M., and Schlesinger, William H. 1. In 1977 an experiment was initiated in the Mojave Desert to investigate how shrub interactions affect structure in a community dominated by Ambr... Journal of Ecology. University of California System, Green Mountain College, and University of Montana.

3. Data from: A Bayesian approach for detecting the impact of mass-extinction events on molecular phylogenies when rates of lineage diversification may vary

2019. May, Michael R., Hoehna, Sebastian, and Moore, Brian R. The paleontological record chronicles numerous episodes of mass extinction that severely culled the Tree of Life. Biologists have long sought to as... Methods in Ecology and Evolution. University of California System and Stockholm University.

4. Data from: A chemical-genomic screen of neglected antibiotics reveals illicit transport of kasugamycin and blasticidin S

2019. Shiver, Anthony L., Osadnik, Hendrik, Kritikos, George, Li, Bo, Krogan, Nevan, Typas, Athanasios, and Gross, Carol A. Fighting antibiotic resistance requires a deeper understanding of the genetic factors that determine the antibiotic susceptibility of bacteria. Her... PLOS Genetics. University of California System, European Molecular Biology Laboratory, University of North Carolina, QB3, and Gladstone Institutes.

5. Data from: A comparison of genomic islands of differentiation across three young avian species pairs

2019. Irwin, Darren E., Milá, Borja, Toews, David P. L., Brelsford, Alan, Kenyon, Haley L., Porter, Alison N., Grossen, Christine, Delmore, Kira E., Alcaide, Miguel, and Irwin, Jessica H. Detailed evaluations of genomic variation between sister species often reveal distinct chromosomal regions of high relative differentiation (i.e., ... Molecular Ecology. University of British Columbia, Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, Cornell University, University of California System, Queen's University, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology, and Simon Fraser University.

6. Data from: A conservation hatchery population of Delta Smelt shows evidence of genetic adaptation to captivity after 9 generations

2019. Finger, Amanda, Mahardja, Brian, Fisch, Kathleen M., Benjamin, Alyssa, Lindberg, Joan, Ellison, Luke, Ghebremariam, Tewdros, Hung, Tien-Chieh, May, Bernie, Finger, Amanda J, and Fisch, Kathleen M. Genetic adaptation to captivity is a concern for threatened and endangered species held in conservation hatcheries. Here, we present evidence of ge... Journal of Heredity. University of California System and University of California, Davis.

7. Data from: A cross-seasonal perspective on local adaptation: metabolic plasticity mediates responses to winter in a thermal-generalist moth

2019. Williams, Caroline M., Chick, Wesley D., and Sinclair, Brent J. The physiological and ecological impact of the thermal environment across life-stages can result in trade-offs that determine fitness and populatio... Functional Ecology. University of California System and Western University.

8. Data from: A generalizable energetics-based model of avian migration to facilitate continental-scale waterbird conservation

2019. Lonsdorf, Eric V., Thogmartin, Wayne E., Jacobi, Sarah, Aagaard, Kevin, Coppen, Jorge, Davis, Amélie, Fox, Timothy, Heglund, Patricia, Johnson, Rex, Jones, Malcolm T., Kenow, Kevin, Lyons, James E., Luke, Kirsten, Still, Shannon, and Tavernia, Brian. Conserving migratory birds is made especially difficult because of movement among spatially disparate locations across the annual cycle. In light o... Ecological Applications. United States Fish and Wildlife Service, Miami University, University of California System, and United States Geological Survey.

9. Data from: A genomic footprint of hybrid zone movement in crested newts

2019. Wielstra, Ben, Burke, Terry, Butlin, Roger K., Avcı, Aziz, Üzüm, Nazan, Bozkurt, Emin, Olgun, Kurtuluş, and Arntzen, Jan W. Speciation typically involves a stage in which species can still exchange genetic material. Interspecific gene flow is facilitated by the hybrid zo... Evolution Letters. University of Sheffield, University of California System, Naturalis Biodiversity Center, University of Gothenburg, and Adnan Menderes University.

10. Data from: A hierarchical Bayesian model for calibrating estimates of species divergence times

2019. Heath, Tracy A. In Bayesian divergence time estimation methods, incorporating calibrating information from the fossil record is commonly done by assigning prior de... Systematic Biology. University of California System.