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2019. Bode, Nikolai W. F., Franks, Daniel W., Wood, A. Jamie, Piercy, Julius J. B., Croft, Darren P., and Codling, Edward A. Many animals, such as migrating shoals of fish, navigate in groups. Knowing the mechanisms involved in animal navigation is important when it comes... The American Naturalist. University of York, Princeton University, University of Essex, and University of Exeter.
2019. Krasnov, Boris R., Fortuna, Miguel A., Mouillot, David, Khokhlova, Irina S., Shenbrot, Georgy I., and Poulin, Robert. Across different taxa, networks of mutualistic or antagonistic interactions show consistent architecture. Most networks are modular, with modules b... The American Naturalist. Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Princeton University, University of Montpellier, James Cook University, and University of Otago.