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1. Data from: A characterization of autumn nocturnal migration detected by weather surveillance radars in the northeastern US

2019. Farnsworth, Andrew, Van Doren, Benjamin Mark, Hochachka, Wesley M., Sheldon, Daniel, Winner, Kevin, Irvine, Jed, Geevarghese, Jeffrey, Kelling, Steve, and Van Doren, Benjamin M. Billions of birds migrate at night over North America each year. However, few studies have described the phenology of these movements, such as magn... Ecological Applications. Cornell University, Mount Holyoke College, University of Massachusetts Amherst, and Oregon State University.

2. Data from: A combination of sexual and ecological divergence contributes to rearrangement spread during initial stages of speciation

2019. Kozak, Genevieve M., Wadsworth, Crista B., Kahne, Shoshanna C., Bogdanowicz, Steven M., Harrison, Richard G., Coates, Brad S., and Dopman, Erik B. Chromosomal rearrangements between sympatric species often contain multiple loci contributing to assortative mating, local adaptation, and hybrid s... Molecular Ecology. Tufts University, Cornell University, and Iowa State University.

3. Data from: A comparative assessment of SNP and microsatellite markers for assigning parentage in a socially monogamous bird

2019. Kaiser, Sara, Taylor, Scott A., Chen, Nancy, Sillett, Scott, Bondra, Eliana R., Webster, Michael, Kaiser, Sara A., and Sillett, T. Scott. Single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) are preferred over microsatellite markers in many evolutionary studies, but have only recently been applied ... Molecular Ecology Resources. University of Colorado Boulder, Cornell University, and Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute.

4. Data from: A comparison of genomic islands of differentiation across three young avian species pairs

2019. Irwin, Darren E., Milá, Borja, Toews, David P. L., Brelsford, Alan, Kenyon, Haley L., Porter, Alison N., Grossen, Christine, Delmore, Kira E., Alcaide, Miguel, and Irwin, Jessica H. Detailed evaluations of genomic variation between sister species often reveal distinct chromosomal regions of high relative differentiation (i.e., ... Molecular Ecology. University of British Columbia, Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, Cornell University, University of California System, Queen's University, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology, and Simon Fraser University.

5. Data from: A flicker of hope: genomic data distinguish Northern Flicker taxa despite low levels of divergence

2019. Aguillon, Stepfanie M., Campagna, Leonardo, Harrison, Richard G., and Lovette, Irby J. Next-generation sequencing technologies are increasingly being employed to explore patterns of genomic variation in avian taxa previously character... The Auk: Ornithological Advances. Cornell University.

6. Data from: A global analysis of plant recovery performance from water stress

2019. Yin, Jingjing and Bauerle, Taryn L. Plant post-drought recovery performance is essential to predict shifts in ecosystem dynamics and production during frequent climate change-driven d... Oikos. Cornell University.

7. Data from: A meta-analysis of the agents of selection on floral traits

2019. Caruso, Christina Marie, Eisen, Katherine Elizabeth, Martin, Ryan A., Sletvold, Nina, Eisen, Katherine E., and Caruso, Christina M. Floral traits are hypothesized to evolve primarily in response to selection by pollinators. However, selection can also be mediated by other envir... Evolution. Case Western Reserve University, Uppsala University, Cornell University, and University of Guelph.

8. Data from: A nonsemen copulatory fluid influences the outcome of sperm competition in Japanese quail.

2019. Finseth, Findley R., Iacovelli, Stephanie R., Harrison, Richard G., Adkins-Regan, Elizabeth K., Finseth, F. R., Iacovelli, S. R., Harrison, R. G., and Adkins-Regan, E. K. Sperm competition is a powerful and widespread evolutionary force that drives the divergence of behavioral, physiological, and morphological traits... Journal of Evolutionary Biology. Cornell University.

9. Data from: A novel iterative mixed model to remap three complex orthopedic traits in dogs

2019. Huang, Meng, Hayward, Jessica J., Corey, Elizabeth, Garrison, Susan J., Wagner, Gabriela R., Krotscheck, Ursula, Hayashi, Kei, Schweitzer, Peter A., Lust, George, Boyko, Adam R., and Todhunter, Rory J. Hip dysplasia (HD), elbow dysplasia (ED), and rupture of the cranial (anterior) cruciate ligament (RCCL) are the most common complex orthopedic tra... PLOS ONE. Washington State University and Cornell University.

10. Data from: A nutrient-driven tRNA modification alters translational fidelity and genome-wide protein coding across an animal genus

2019. Zaborske, John M., Bauer-DuMont, Vanessa L., Wallace, Edward W. J., Pan, Tao, Aquadro, Charles F., Drummond, David Allan, Drummond, D. Allan, and Bauer DuMont, Vanessa L. Natural selection favors efficient expression of encoded proteins, but the causes, mechanisms, and fitness consequences of evolved coding changes r... PLoS Biology. University of Chicago and Cornell University.