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1. Data from: First-in-human randomized controlled trial of an oral, replicating Adenovirus 26 vector vaccine for HIV-1

2019. Stephenson, Kathryn E., Keefer, Michael C., Bunce, Catherine A., Frances, Doreen, Abbink, Peter, Maxfield, Lori F., Neubauer, George H., Nkolola, Joseph, Peter, Lauren, Lane, Christopher, Park, Harriet, Verlinde, Carl, Lombardo, Angela, Yallop, Christopher, Havenga, Menzo, Fast, Patricia, Treanor, John, and Barouch, Dan H. Background: Live, attenuated viral vectors that express HIV-1 antigens are being investigated as an approach to generating durable immune responses... PLOS ONE. Harvard Medical School, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and University of Rochester Medical Center.

2. Data from: A century of sprawl in the United States

2019. Barrington-Leigh, Christopher and Millard-Ball, Adam. The urban street network is one of the most permanent features of cities. Once laid down, the pattern of streets determines urban form and the leve... Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.

3. Data from: A cost of being amicable in a hibernating marmot

2019. Yang, Wei Jenny, Maldonado-Chaparro, Adriana A., and Blumstein, Daniel T. Amicable social interactions can enhance fitness in many species, have negligible consequences for some, and reduce fitness in others. For yellow-b... Behavioral Ecology.

4. Data from: A curated and standardized adverse drug event resource to accelerate drug safety research

2019. Banda, Juan M., Evans, Lee, Vanguri, Rami S., Tatonetti, Nicholas P., Ryan, Patrick B., and Shah, Nigam H. Identification of adverse drug reactions (ADRs) during the post-marketing phase is one of the most important goals of drug safety surveillance. Spo... Scientific Data.

5. Data from: A database of human exposomes and phenomes from the US National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey

2019. Patel, Chirag J., Pho, Nam, McDuffie, Michael, Easton-Marks, Jeremy, Kothari, Cartik, Kohane, Isaac S., and Avillach, Paul. The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) is a population survey implemented by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ... Scientific Data.

6. Data from: A dataset quantifying polypharmacy in the United States

2019. Quinn, Katie J. and Shah, Nigam H. Polypharmacy is increasingly common in the United States, and contributes to the substantial burden of drug-related morbidity. Yet real-world polyp... Scientific Data.

7. Data from: A father effect explains sex-ratio bias

2019. Malo, Aurelio F., Martinez-Pastor, Felipe, Garcia-Gonzalez, Francisco, Garde, Julian, Ballou, Jonathan D., and Lacy, Robert C. Sex ratio allocation has important fitness consequences, and theory predicts that parents should adjust offspring sex ratio in cases where the fitn... Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. Spanish National Research Council and National Zoological Park.

8. Data from: A general explanation for the persistence of reproductive interference

2019. Drury, Jonathan P., Anderson, Christopher N., Cabezas Castillo, Maria B., Fisher, Jewel, McEachin, Shawn, and Grether, Gregory F. Reproductive interference is widespread, despite the theoretical expectation that it should be eliminated by reproductive character displacement (R... The American Naturalist.

9. Data from: A general-purpose spatial survey design for collaborative science and monitoring of global environmental change: the global grid

2019. Theobald, David M. Recent guidance on environmental modeling and global land-cover validation stresses the need for a probability-based design. Additionally, spatial ... Remote Sensing.

10. Data from: A molecular phylogeny and revised higher-level classification for the leaf-mining moth family Gracillariidae and its implications for larval host-use evolution

2019. Kawahara, Akito Y., Plotkin, David, Ohshima, Issei, Lopez-Vaamonde, Carlos, Houlihan, Peter R., Breinholt, Jesse W., Kawakita, Atsushi, Xiao, Lei, Regier, Jerome C., Davis, Donald R., Kumata, Tosio, Sohn, Jay-Cheon, De Prins, Jurate, Mitter, Charles, and SOHN, JAE-CHEON. Gracillariidae are one of the most diverse families of internally feeding insects, and many species are economically important. Study of this famil... Systematic Entomology. University of Florida, Kyoto Prefectural University, French National Institute for Agricultural Research, French National Centre for Scientific Research, Kyoto University, University of Maryland, College Park, Smithsonian Institution, Hokkaido University, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, and Mokpo National University.