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2019. Ryder, Jonathan J., Hoare, Mary-Jo, Pastok, Daria, Bottery, Michael J., Boots, Michael, Fenton, Andrew, Atkinson, David, Knell, Robert J., and Hurst, Gregory D. D. Inherited microbial symbionts can modulate host susceptibility to natural enemy attack. A wider range of symbionts influence host population demogr... The American Naturalist.
2019. Andersson, Malte and Åhlund, Matti. In many egg-laying animals, some females spread their clutch among several nests. The fitness effects of this reproductive tactic are debated. Usin... The American Naturalist.
2019. Svensson, Erik I. and Waller, John T. Our knowledge about how the environment influences sexual selection regimes and how ecology and sexual selection interact is still limited. We perf... The American Naturalist.
2019. Svensson, Erik I., Gomez-Llano, Miguel A., Torres, Anais Rivas, and Bensch, Hanna M. The coexistence of ecologically similar species might be counteracted by ecological drift and demographic stochasticity, both of which erode local ... The American Naturalist.
2019. Nord, Andreas and Nilsson, Jan-Åke. Because the maintenance of proper developmental temperatures during avian incubation is costly to parents, embryos of many species experience prono... The American Naturalist.
2019. Tarka, Maja, Åkesson, Mikael, Hasselquist, Dennis, and Hansson, Bengt. Intralocus sexual conflict (ISC) occurs when males and females have different adaptive peaks, but are constrained from evolving sexual dimorphism b... The American Naturalist.
2019. Lemoine, Mélissa, Doligez, Blandine, and Richner, Heinz. In spatio-temporally varying environments, host-parasite coevolution may lead to either host or parasite local adaptation. Using reciprocal infesta... The American Naturalist. University of Bern and University of Lyon System.
2019. Brommer, Jon, Alho, Jussi S, Biard, Clotilde, Chapman, Joanne R, Charmantier, Anne, Dreiss, Amelie, Hartley, Ian R, Hjernquist, Mårten B, Kempenaers, Bart, Komdeur, Jan, Laaksonen, Toni, Lehtonen, Paula K, Lubjuhn, Thomas, Patrick, Samantha C, Rosivall, Balazs, van Oers, Kees, van der Velde, Marco, Tinbergen, Joost M, Wilk, Tomasz, and Winkel, Wolfgang. In many socially monogamous animals, females engage in extrapair copulation (EPC), causing some broods to contain both within‐pair and extrapair yo... The American Naturalist.
2019. Kuchta, Shawn R. and Svensson, Erik I. Traits that increase mating success in males may come at a cost, such as an increased risk of predation. However, predator-mediated selection is ch... The American Naturalist.
2019. Aronsson, Malin, Åkesson, Mikael, Low, Matthew, Persson, Jens, and Andrén, Henrik. Resource dispersion or kin selection are commonly used to explain animal spatial organisation. Despite this, studies examining how these factors in... The American Naturalist.