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2019. Armbruster, Jonathan, Lujan, Nathan, Armbruster, Jonathan W., and Lujan, Nathan K. A new species of the suckermouth armored catfish genus Peckoltia is described from the lower Ventuari River, a tributary of the upper Orinoco River... ZooKeys. Auburn University and Royal Ontario Museum.
2019. Sazatornil, Federico D., Moré, Marcela, Benitez-Vieyra, Santiago, Cocucci, Andrea A., Kitching, Ian J., Schlumpberger, Boris O., Oliveira, Paulo E., Sazima, Marlies, and Amorim, Felipe W. A major challenge in evolutionary ecology is to understand how co-evolutionary processes shape patterns of interactions between species at communit... Journal of Animal Ecology. Federal University of Uberlândia and State University of Campinas.
2019. Martínez, Rubén D. F., Lamanna, Matthew C., Novas, Fernando E., Ridgely, Ryan C., Casal, Gabriel A., Martínez, Javier E., Vita, Javier R., and Witmer, Lawrence M. We describe Sarmientosaurus musacchioi gen. et sp. nov., a titanosaurian sauropod dinosaur from the Upper Cretaceous (Cenomanian–Turonian) Lower Me... PLOS ONE. National University of Patagonia San Juan Bosco, Carnegie Museum of Natural History, and Ohio University.
2019. Copes, Lynn E., Lucas, Lynn M., Thostenson, James D., Hoekstra, Hopi E., and Boyer, Douglas M. A dataset of high-resolution microCT scans of primate skulls (crania and mandibles) and certain postcranial elements was collected to address quest... Scientific Data.
2019. Buddenhagen, Christopher E., Thomas, W. Wayt, and Mast, Austin R. Tribe Rhynchosporeae (ca. 386 spp.; Cyperaceae) has high levels of endemicity (? 44%) in tropical and subtropical American savannas and can provide... Memoirs of the New York Botanical Garden.
2019. Cadena, Edwin-Alberto, Parra-Ruge, Mary Luz, Parra-Ruge, Juan de D., and Padilla-Bernal, Santiago. Extant sea turtles develop and lay pliable (flexible) eggs, however, it is unknown if they inherited this reproductive strategy from their closer f... Palaeontology. Del Rosario University.
2019. Diniz-Filho, Jose Alexandre Felizola, Souza, Kelly S., Bini, Luis Mauricio, Loyola, Rafael, Dobrovolski, Ricardo, Rodrigues, Fabrício, Lima-Ribeiro, Matheus de S., Terribile, Levi C., Rangel, Thiago F., Bione, Igor, Freitas, Roniel, Machado, Ibere F., Rocha, Tainá, Lorini, Maria L., Vale, Mariana M., Navas, Carlos A., Maciel, Natan M., Villalobos, Fabricio, Olalla-Tárraga, Miguel A., and Gouveia, Sidney. Despite the widespread use of Ecological Niche Models (ENMs) for predicting the responses of species to climate change, these models do not explici... Ecography.
2019. Stein, R. Will, Brown, Joseph W., and Mooers, Arne Ø. The phylogeny of Galliformes (landfowl) has been studied extensively; however, the associated chronologies have been criticized recently due to mis... Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. Simon Fraser University and University of Michigan-Ann Arbor.
2019. Ponce, Francesca V., Breinholt, Jesse W., Hossie, Thomas, Barber, Jesse R., Janzen, Daniel H., Hallwachs, Winnie, and Kawahara, Akito Y. Many insects possess conspicuous external circular ring markings that resemble the eye of a vertebrate. These ‘eyespots’ typically function to star... Systematic Entomology. University of Florida, Carleton University, Boise State University, and University of Pennsylvania.
2019. Harris, AJ, Chen, Ping-Ting, Xu, Xin-Wei, Yang, Xue, Wen, Jun, and Zhang, Jian-Qiang. Staphyleaceae traditionally comprises three genera of temperate and tropical trees and shrubs: Euscaphis Siebold & Zucc., Staphylea L., and Tuprini... Journal of Systematics and Evolution. Smithsonian Institution, Wuhan University, Kunming University, and Shaanxi Normal University.