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2019. Martin, Thomas E. Causes of evolved differences in clutch size among songbird species remain debated. I propose a new conceptual framework that integrates aspects of... The American Naturalist.
2019. Sanín, Camilo and Anderson, Robert P. Understanding how abiotic, biotic and historical factors shape species distributions remains a central question in ecology, but studies linking bio... The American Naturalist.
2019. Battey, Christopher J., Linck, Ethan B, Epperly, Kevin L, French, Cooper, Slager, David L, Sykes Jr., Paul W, and Klicka, John. In the Painted Bunting (Passerina ciris), a North American songbird, populations on the Atlantic coast and interior southern United States are know... The American Naturalist.
2019. Lowry, David Bryant, Behrman, Katherine D., Grabowski, Paul, Morris, Geoffrey P., Kiniry, James R., and Juenger, Thomas E. Determining the patterns and mechanisms of natural selection in the wild is of fundamental importance to understanding the differentiation of popul... The American Naturalist.
2019. Rotenberry, John T., Swanger, Elizabeth, and Zuk, Marlene. Alternative reproductive tactics may arise when natural enemies use sexual signals to locate the signaler. In field crickets, elevated costs to mal... The American Naturalist.
2019. Meiners, Joan M., Griswold, Terry L., Harris, David J., and Ernest, S. K. Morgan. Bee foragers respond to complex visual, olfactory, and extrasensory cues to optimize searches for floral rewards. Their abilities to detect and dis... The American Naturalist.
2019. Tomiya, Susumu. Mammalian body mass strongly correlates with life history and population properties at the scale of mouse to elephant. Large body size is thus ofte... The American Naturalist.
2019. Malenke, Jael R., Newbold, Nitasha, and Clayton, Dale H. Understanding how environmental parameters interact to govern species distributions is a shared goal of ecology and biogeography. Biotic and abioti... The American Naturalist.
2019. Thompson, John N., Schwind, Christopher, and Friberg, Magne. Closely related species often have similar traits and sometimes interact with the same species. A crucial problem in evolutionary ecology is theref... The American Naturalist.
2019. Stutchbury, Bridget J., Siddiqui, Raafia, Applegate, Kelly, Hvenegaard, Glen T, Mammenga, Paul, Mickle, Nanette, Pearman, Myrna, Ray, James D, Savage, Anne, Shaheen, Tim, and Fraser, Kevin C. New discoveries from direct tracking of temperate-breeding passerines show that intratropical migration (ITM) occurs in a growing number of species... The American Naturalist.