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1. Data from: A circannual perspective on daily and total flight distances in a long-distance migratory raptor, the Montagu's harrier, Circus pygargus

2019. Schlaich, Almut E., Bouten, Willem, Bretagnolle, Vincent, Heldbjerg, Henning, Klaassen, Raymond H. G., Sørensen, Iben H., Villers, Alexandre, and Both, Christiaan. Long-distance migrants are particularly recognized for the distances covered on migration, yet little is known about the distances they cover durin... Biology Letters. University of Amsterdam, French National Centre for Scientific Research, and University of Groningen.

2. Data from: A collection of European sweet cherry phenology data for assessing climate change

2019. Wenden, Bénédicte, Campoy, José Antonio, Lecourt, Julien, López Ortega, Gregorio, Blanke, Michael, Radičević, Sanja, Schüller, Elisabeth, Spornberger, Andreas, Christen, Danilo, Magein, Hugo, Giovannini, Daniela, Campillo, Carlos, Malchev, Svetoslav, Peris, José Miguel, Meland, Mekjell, Stehr, Rolf, Charlot, Gérard, and Quero-García, José. Professional and scientific networks built around the production of sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.) led to the collection of phenology data for a wi... Scientific Data.

3. Data from: A comparative study of egg recognition signature mixtures in Formica ants

2019. Helanterä, Heikki and d'Ettorre, Patrizia. Processing of information from the environment, such as assessing group membership in social contexts, is a major determinant of inclusive fitness.... Evolution. University of Helsinki and University of Copenhagen.

4. Data from: A cost-and-time effective procedure to develop SNP markers for multiple species: a support for community genetics

2019. Delord, Chrystelle, Lassalle, Gilles, Oger, Adrien, Barloy, Dominique, Coutellec, Marie-Agnes, Delcamp, Adline, Evanno, Guillaume, Genthon, Clemence, Guichoux, Erwan, Le Bail, Pierre-Yves, Le Quilliec, Patricia, Longin, Guillaume, Lorvelec, Olivier, Massot, Marie, Reveillac, Elodie, Rinaldo, Raphaelle, Roussel, Jean-Marc, Vigouroux, Regis, Launey, Sophie, and Petit, Eric J. 1.Multi‐species population genetics is an emerging field that provides insight relevant to conservation biology and community ecology. However, to ... Methods in Ecology and Evolution. French National Institute for Agricultural Research and University of Bordeaux.

5. Data from: A full annual perspective on sex-biased migration timing in long-distance migratory birds

2019. Briedis, Martins, Bauer, Silke, Adamik, Peter, Alves, José A., Costa, Joana S., Emmenegger, Tamara, Gustafsson, Lars, Koleček, Jaroslav, Liechti, Felix, Meier, Christoph M., Prochazka, Petr, and Hahn, Steffen. In many taxa, the most common form of sex-biased migration timing is protandry – the earlier arrival of males at breeding areas. Here we test this ... Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

6. Data from: A journey on plate tectonics sheds light on European crayfish phylogeography

2019. Pârvulescu, Lucian, Pérez-Moreno, Jorge L., Panaiotu, Cristian, Drăguț, Lucian, Schrimpf, Anne, Popovici, Ioana‐Diana, Zaharia, Claudia, Weiperth, András, Gál, Blanka, Schubart, Christoph D., and Bracken-Grissom, Heather. Crayfish can be used as model organisms in phylogeographic and divergence time studies if reliable calibrations are available. This study presents ... Ecology and Evolution.

7. Data from: A meta-analysis on nitrogen retention by buffer zones

2019. Valkama, Elena, Usva, Kirsi, Saarinen, Merja, and Uusi-Kämppä, Jaana. Buffer zones, established between agricultural fields and water bodies, are widely used as a measure to reduce nitrogen (N) in surface runoff and g... Journal of Environment Quality. Natural Resources Institute Finland.

8. Data from: A mimicked bacterial infection prolongs stopover duration in songbirds – but more pronounced in short- than long-distance migrants

2019. Hegemann, Arne, Alcalde Abril, Pablo, Sjöberg, Sissel, Muheim, Rachel, Alerstam, Thomas, Nilsson, Jan-Åke, and Hasselquist, Dennis. 1) Migration usually consists of intermittent travel and stopovers, the latter being crucially important for individuals to recover and refuel to s... Journal of Animal Ecology. Lund University and University of Copenhagen.

9. Data from: A molecular phylogeny of Staphyleaceae: implications for generic delimitation and classical biogeographic disjunctions in the family

2019. Harris, AJ, Chen, Ping-Ting, Xu, Xin-Wei, Yang, Xue, Wen, Jun, and Zhang, Jian-Qiang. Staphyleaceae traditionally comprises three genera of temperate and tropical trees and shrubs: Euscaphis Siebold & Zucc., Staphylea L., and Tuprini... Journal of Systematics and Evolution. Smithsonian Institution, Wuhan University, Kunming University, and Shaanxi Normal University.

10. Data from: A new perspective on Melanophloea, Thelocarpella and Trimmatothelopsis: species previously placed in multiple families are united within a single genus in the Acarosporaceae

2019. Knudsen, Kerry and Lendemer, James C. Recent molecular phylogenetic studies of the lichen family Acarosporaceae have shown that genera in this group, as traditionally defined, are not m... The Bryologist. Czech University of Life Sciences Prague.