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2019. Hebscher, Melissa, Meltzer, Jed A., and Gilboa, Asaf. Complex memory of personal events is thought to depend on coordinated reinstatement of cortical representations by the medial temporal lobes (MTL).... eLife.
2019. Irfan, Neal, Brooks, Annie, Mithoowani, Siraj, Celetti, Steve J., Main, Cheryl, and Mertz, Dominik. Background: Asymptomatic bacteriuria (ABU) should only be treated in cases of pregnancy or in-patients undergoing urologic procedures; however, unn... PLOS ONE. McMaster University and University of Waterloo.
2019. Nietlisbach, Pirmin, Camenisch, Glauco, Bucher, Thomas, Slate, Jon, Keller, Lukas F., and Postma, Erik. Although linkage maps are important tools in evolutionary biology, their availability for wild populations is limited. The population of song sparr... Molecular Ecology Resources. University of Zurich and University of Sheffield.
2019. Streng, Michael, Butler, Aodhán D., Peel, John S., Garwood, Russell J., and Caron, Jean-Bernard. Tomteluva perturbata gen. et sp. nov. and Nasakia thulensis gen. et sp. nov., two new rhynchonelliformean brachiopod taxa, are described from carbo... Palaeontology. Uppsala University, University of Manchester, University of Toronto, and Royal Ontario Museum.
2019. Mimee, Benjamin, Duceppe, Marc-Olivier, Véronneau, Pierre-Yves, Lafond-Lapalme, Joël, Jean, Martine, Belzile, François, and Bélair, Guy. Cyst nematodes are important agricultural pests responsible for billions of dollars of losses each year. Plant resistance is the most effective man... Molecular Ecology Resources. Université Laval.
2019. Bairos-Novak, Kevin R., Ferrari, Maud C. O., and Chivers, Douglas P. Animal signalling systems outside the realm of human perception remain largely understudied. These systems consist of four main components: a signa... Journal of Animal Ecology.
2019. Van Wijk, Sonia, Bélisle, Marc, Garant, Dany, and Pelletier, Fanie. The study of iridescent coloration in birds emerged only recently, mainly due to the difficulty inherent in quantifying its directionality. Directi... Journal of Avian Biology. Université de Sherbrooke.
2019. Muscavitch, Zachary M., Lendemer, James C., and Harris, Richard C. A review of the crustose lichen genus Phlyctis in North America is presented derived from large-scale studies of chemical, morphological, and molec... The Bryologist. University of Zurich.
2019. Miller, Sara, Roesti, Marius, and Schluter, Dolph. Biotic interactions are potent, widespread causes of natural selection and divergent phenotypic evolution, and can lead to genetic differentiation ... Current Biology.
2019. Prentice, Melanie B., Bowman, Jeff, and Wilson, Paul J. Background: The androgen receptor, an X-linked gene, has been widely studied in human populations because it contains highly polymorphic trinucleot... BMC Genetics.