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1. Data from: A collection of European sweet cherry phenology data for assessing climate change

2019. Wenden, Bénédicte, Campoy, José Antonio, Lecourt, Julien, López Ortega, Gregorio, Blanke, Michael, Radičević, Sanja, Schüller, Elisabeth, Spornberger, Andreas, Christen, Danilo, Magein, Hugo, Giovannini, Daniela, Campillo, Carlos, Malchev, Svetoslav, Peris, José Miguel, Meland, Mekjell, Stehr, Rolf, Charlot, Gérard, and Quero-García, José. Professional and scientific networks built around the production of sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.) led to the collection of phenology data for a wi... Scientific Data.

2. Data from: A connection between colony biomass and death in Caribbean reef-building corals

2019. Thornhill, Daniel J., Rotjan, Randi D., Todd, Brian D., Chilcoat, Geoff C., Iglesias-Prieto, Roberto, LaJeunesse, Todd C., Kemp, Dustin W., Reynolds, Jennifer McCabe, Schmidt, Gregory W., Shannon, Thomas, Warner, Mark E., and Fitt, William K. Increased sea-surface temperatures linked to warming climate threaten coral reef ecosystems globally. To better understand how corals and their end... PLoS ONE. New England Aquarium, University of California, Davis, University of Georgia, Pennsylvania State University, Tulane University, and University of Delaware.

3. Data from: A cross-seasonal perspective on local adaptation: metabolic plasticity mediates responses to winter in a thermal-generalist moth

2019. Williams, Caroline M., Chick, Wesley D., and Sinclair, Brent J. The physiological and ecological impact of the thermal environment across life-stages can result in trade-offs that determine fitness and populatio... Functional Ecology. University of California System and Western University.

4. Data from: A diet rich in C3 plants reveals the sensitivity of an alpine mammal to climate change

2019. Bhattacharyya, Sabuj, Dawson, Deborah A., Hipperson, Helen, and Ishtiaq, Farah. Plant-herbivore interactions provide critical insights into the mechanisms that govern the spatiotemporal distributions of organisms. These interac... Molecular Ecology. University of Sheffield.

5. Data from: A Drosophila laboratory evolution experiment points to low evolutionary potential under increased temperatures likely to be experienced in the future

2019. Schou, Mads F., Kristensen, Torsten N., Kellermann, Vanessa, Schlötterer, Christian, and Loeschcke, Volker. The ability to respond evolutionarily to increasing temperatures is important for survival of ectotherms in a changing climate. Recent studies sugg... Journal of Evolutionary Biology. University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, Aarhus University, Aalborg University, and Monash University.

6. Data from: A ground-nesting Galliform’s response to thermal heterogeneity: Implications for ground-dwelling birds

2019. Carroll, J Matthew, Davis, Craig A., Elmore, R Dwayne, Fuhlendorf, Samuel D., Carroll, J. Matthew, and Elmore, R. Dwayne. The habitat selection choices that individuals make in response to thermal environments influence both survival and reproduction. Importantly, the ... PLOS ONE. Oklahoma State University.

7. Data from: A metabolic syndrome in terrestrial ectotherms with different elevational and distribution patterns

2019. Žagar, Anamarija, Carretero, Miguel A., Marguč, Diana, Simčič, Tatjana, and Vrezec, Al. The metabolic performance of ectotherms is expected to be driven by the environment in which they live. Ecologically similar species with contrasti... Ecography. National Institute of Biology and University of Porto.

8. Data from: A statistical framework to explore ontogenetic growth variation among individuals and populations: a marine fish example

2019. Morrongiello, John R., Thresher, Ronald Everett, and Thresher, Ronald E. Growth is a fundamental biological process, driven by a multitude of intrinsic (within-individual) and extrinsic (environmental) factors, that unde... Ecological Monographs. Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation.

9. Data from: A three decade assessment of climate-associated changes in forest composition across the north-eastern USA

2019. Bose, Arun K., Weiskittel, Aaron, and Wagner, Robert G. 1. Climate-associated changes in forest composition have been widely reported, particularly where changes in abiotic conditions have resulted in hi... Journal of Applied Ecology. University of Maine and Purdue University.

10. Data from: A well-constrained estimate for the timing of the salmonid whole genome duplication reveals major decoupling from species diversification

2019. Macqueen, Daniel J., Johnston, Ian A., Johnston, I. A., and Macqueen, D. J. Whole genome duplication (WGD) is often considered to be mechanistically associated with species diversification. Such ideas have been anecdotally ... Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. University of St Andrews and University of Aberdeen.