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2019. Pick, Joel L., Ebneter, Christina, Hutter, Pascale, and Tschirren, Barbara. Organizational processes during prenatal development can have long-term effects on an individual’s phenotype. Because these early developmental sta... The American Naturalist.
2019. Battey, Christopher J., Linck, Ethan B, Epperly, Kevin L, French, Cooper, Slager, David L, Sykes Jr., Paul W, and Klicka, John. In the Painted Bunting (Passerina ciris), a North American songbird, populations on the Atlantic coast and interior southern United States are know... The American Naturalist.
2019. Kendall, Bruce E. and Wittmann, Marion E. Demographic stochasticity can have large effects on the dynamics of small populations as well as on the persistence of rare genotypes and lineages.... The American Naturalist.
2019. Laiolo, Paola, Illera, Juan Carlos, Meléndez, Leandro, Segura, Amalia, and Obeso, José Ramón. Ecosystem functioning depends on nutrient cycles and their responses to abiotic and biotic determinants, with the influence of evolutionary legacie... The American Naturalist.
2019. Kiat, Yosef and Sapir, Nir. Time constraints influence various ecological, life-history, and demographic properties of individuals and populations of many species throughout t... The American Naturalist.
2019. Vedder, Oscar, Zhang, He, Dänhardt, Andreas, and Bouwhuis, Sandra. Earlier offspring mortality prior to independence saves resources for kin, which should be more beneficial when food is short. Using 24 years of da... The American Naturalist.
2019. Viana, Duarte Serpa, Santamaría, Luis, Michot, Thomas C., and Figuerola, Jordi. Migratory birds are often suggested to be important vectors for long-distance dispersal (LDD) of plant and animal propagules. The scale of such dis... The American Naturalist.
2019. Zonana, David Michael, Gee, Jennifer M., Bridge, Eli S., Breed, Michael D., and Doak, Daniel F. Behavior can strongly influence rates and patterns of hybridization between animal populations and species. Yet, few studies have examined reproduc... The American Naturalist.
2019. Yeh, D. Justin. The effect of learned culture (e.g., birdsong dialects and human languages) on genetic divergence is unclear. Previous theoretical research suggest... The American Naturalist.
2019. Waser, Nickolas M., CaraDonna, Paul J., and Price, Mary V. In western North America, hummingbirds can be observed systematically visiting flowers that lack the typical reddish color, tubular morphology, and... The American Naturalist.