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1. Data from: A benign juvenile environment reduces the strength of antagonistic pleiotropy and genetic variation in the rate of senescence

2019. Kim, Sin-Yeon, Metcalfe, Neil B., and Velando, Alberto. 1. The environment can play an important role in the evolution of senescence because the optimal allocation between somatic maintenance and reprodu... Journal of Animal Ecology. University of Vigo and University of Glasgow.

2. Data from: A case for a joint strategy of diversified bet hedging and plasticity in the pea aphid wing polyphenism

2019. Grantham, Mary E., Antonio, Chris J., O'Neil, Brian R., Zhan, Yi Xiang, and Brisson, Jennifer A. Phenotypic plasticity and diversified bet hedging are strategies for coping with variable environments. Plasticity is favoured when an organism can... Biology Letters. University of Rochester.

3. Data from: A competitive environment influences sperm production, but not testes tissue composition, in house mice

2019. Firman, Renée C., Garcia-Gonzalez, Francisco, Simmons, Leigh W., and Andre, Goncalo I. Due to the physiological cost of sperm production, males are expected to be prudent in their expenditure and adjust their investment according to c... Journal of Evolutionary Biology. University of Western Australia.

4. Data from: A context-dependent induction of natal habitat preference in a generalist herbivorous insect

2019. Lhomme, Patrick, Carrasco, David, Larsson, Mattias, Hansson, Bill, and Anderson, Peter. In many species adults exploit sensory information experienced in their natal habitat when searching for resources. This behavioral plasticity may ... Behavioral Ecology. Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

5. Data from: A lognormal distribution of the lengths of terminal twigs on self-similar branches of elm trees

2019. Koyama, Kohei, Yamamoto, Ken, and Ushio, Masayuki. Lognormal distributions and self-similarity are characteristics associated with a wide range of biological systems. The sequential breakage model h... Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. Chuo University and Ryukoku University.

6. Data from: A novel report of hatching plasticity in the phylum Echinodermata

2019. Armstrong, Anne Frances, Blackburn, Holly Nicole, Allen, Jonathan D., Armstrong, A. Frances, and Blackburn, Holly N. Hatching plasticity occurs in response to a wide range of stimuli across many animal taxa, including annelids, arthropods, mollusks, and chordates.... The American Naturalist. College of William & Mary.

7. Data from: A test of the "flexible stem" model of evolution: ancestral plasticity, genetic accommodation, and morphological divergence in the threespine stickleback radiation

2019. Wund, Matthew A, Baker, John A, Clancy, Brendan, Golub, Justin L, and Foster, Susan A. If an ancestral stem group repeatedly colonizes similar environments, developmental plasticity specific to that group should consistently give rise... The American Naturalist.

8. Data from: A treefrog with reproductive mode plasticity reveals a changing balance of selection for non-aquatic egg-laying

2019. Touchon, Justin C. Non-aquatic reproduction has evolved repeatedly, but the factors that select for laying eggs on land are not well understood. The treefrog Dendrops... The American Naturalist. Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute.

9. Data from: Adaptation and acclimation of aerobic exercise physiology in Lake Whitefish ecotypes (Coregonus clupeaformis)

2019. Dalziel, Anne C., Martin, Nicolas, Laporte, Martin, Guderley, Helga, and Bernatchez, Louis. The physiological mechanisms underlying local adaptation in natural populations of animals, and whether the same mechanisms contribute to adaptatio... Evolution. Université Laval, University of Wollongong, and Dalhousie University.

10. Data from: Adaptation and plasticity of animal communication in fluctuating environments

2019. Ord, Terry J., Stamps, Judy A., and Losos, Jonathan B. Adaptations that facilitate the reception of long-range signals under challenging conditions are expected to generate signal diversity when species... Evolution.