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2019. Armbruster, Jonathan, Lujan, Nathan, Armbruster, Jonathan W., and Lujan, Nathan K. A new species of the suckermouth armored catfish genus Peckoltia is described from the lower Ventuari River, a tributary of the upper Orinoco River... ZooKeys. Auburn University and Royal Ontario Museum.
2019. Semenov, Georgy A., Scordato, Elizabeth S.C., Khaydarov, David R., Smith, Chris C.R., Kane, Nolan C., Safran, Rebecca J., and Scordato, Elizabeth S. C. Phenotypic differentiation plays an important role in the formation and maintenance of reproductive barriers. In some cases, variation in a few key... Molecular Ecology. University of Arizona, Institute of Systematics and Ecology of Animals, and University of Colorado Boulder.
2019. Cortés, Andrés J. and Blair, Matthew W. Drought will reduce global crop production by >10% in 2050 substantially worsening global malnutrition. Breeding for resistance to drought will req... Frontiers in Plant Science. University of Gothenburg and Tennessee State University.
2019. Keller, Stephen R., Chhatre, Vikram E., and Fitzpatrick, Matthew C. Local adaptation is pervasive in forest trees, which are characterized by large effective population sizes spanning broad climatic gradients. In ad... Journal of Heredity.
2019. Cramer, Katie L., O'Dea, Aaron, Carpenter, Carolina, and Norris, Richard D. Urchins are the last abundant grazers of macroalgae on most Caribbean reefs following the historical overexploitation of herbivorous fishes. The lo... Ecography. Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute.
2019. Mahall, Bruce E., Fonteyn, Paul J., Callaway, Ragan M., and Schlesinger, William H. 1. In 1977 an experiment was initiated in the Mojave Desert to investigate how shrub interactions affect structure in a community dominated by Ambr... Journal of Ecology. University of California System, Green Mountain College, and University of Montana.
2019. Bicknell, Russell D. C., Klinkhamer, Ada J., Flavel, Richard J., Wroe, Stephen, and Paterson, John R. Limulus polyphemus, an archetypal chelicerate taxon, has interested both biological and paleontological researchers due to its unique suite of anat... PLOS ONE. University of New England.
2019. Scherber, Christoph, Andert, Hagen, Niedringhaus, Rolf, and Tscharntke, Teja. Predictions of species richness by island area are a classical cornerstone in ecology, while the specific features of barrier islands have been lit... Ecology and Evolution. Institute of Landscape Ecology, University of Münster, University of Göttingen, and Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg.
2019. Selwood, Katherine E., Clarke, Rohan H., Cunningham, Shaun C., Lada, Hania, McGeoch, Melodie A., and Mac Nally, Ralph. 1. Climate change alters the frequency and severity of extreme events, such as drought. Such events will be increasingly important in shaping commu... Journal of Animal Ecology. Monash University, University of Canberra, and Deakin University.
2019. Summers, Jennifer L., Bernik, Brittany, Saunders, Colin J., McLachlan, Jason S., and Blum, Michael J. Stratigraphic accretion of dormant propagules in soil can result in natural archives useful for studying ecological and evolutionary responses to e... Evolutionary Applications. Tulane University, Florida International University, Notre Dame University, and University of Notre Dame.